I am being laid off.....I am out of work and cannot find a job. What can I do?

If you have been laid off, received notice of layoff or find yourself unemployed you may qualify for financial assistance to be re-trained. You do not have to be currently drawing Unemployment Benefits in order to qualify for services provided under the Workforce Investment Act (WIA).

The Division of Employment and Training administers a statewide system of workforce programs that prepare North Carolina's citizens facing economic disadvantage, job loss, and other serious barriers to employment for participation in the labor force. These programs provide high support training and other services that result in increased employment and earnings, increased educational and occupational skills, and decreased welfare dependency. The statewide system is designed to improve the quality of the workforce, as well as, the state's competitiveness in a global economy.

Your first step is to visit the JobLink Center at http://www.gastonjoblink.com and is located at the NC Employment Security Commission office at 1391 Bessemer City Road in Gastonia, NC.

What is a JobLink Center?

The JobLink Career Centers are user friendly facilities located in most counties in North Carolina which provide job seekers, training seekers and employers access to career training and job placement services and also serves as the connection between employers and qualified workers. In a JobLink Career Center, customers come first. By offering a wide range of service options, from self-service to full-service, the JobLink Career Centers offers comprehensive training and employment services to the community, all under one roof.

What do I do next?

Step 1 - Ask to see a WIA representative at the JobLink Center and let them know that you are seeking WIA assistance.

We will get you started on your "Passport to Success". Core services are the first step towards re-entering the workforce. Core services allow you to explore the resources available to help you become employed OR become better employed. You will learn where to look for job listings, how to receive referrals, and how to apply for positions to which you have been referred. The goal of core services is to assist you to locate the tools you need to meet your employment goals.

Once your have completed the requirements for core services, if you are still unemployed or under-employed, you will move ahead to the Intensive Service Level. Intensive services are individualized services provided to help you identify and address difficulties in becoming employed. Participants work together with a case manager to create a plan that will allow you to identify barriers to employment and enact strategies to overcome those barriers. The intensive service level will allow you to identify any skill deficiencies that you may have and assist you in creating a plan to improve in those areas.

What kind of training is available?

Training is available in areas that have been approved by our local Workforce Development Board. To find out more about training that is available to you, please visit our Training Providers page that includes important training information including links to WIA approved training facilities, an up-to-date list of occupations approved for training, WIA contact information and other important links.



















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