Our Business Services Team is ready to work in partnership with your organization to manage your talent.  Your workforce is your biggest asset and the array of services we can provide, at little to no cost to you, ensures you are recruiting, screening, assessing and training your employees effectively.  Whether you are a new employer to North Carolina, or a well-established business with deep roots, our staff will work closely with you, get to know your unique business scenario so that we can make recommendations and help you create a plan for moving forward.

In addition to helping you find and retain talent, we have staff certified in Economic Modeling who can help you make sense of the latest Labor Market Information for our region and state, and help you understand how your business and industry is being affected.  Timely labor market data and information, along with an explanation of the trends can make a significant difference in the day-to-day operations of your organization.

Gaston WDB has Career Centers – Services for Business

Generally the “bricks and mortar” Career Centers are locations aimed at job-seekers to get them started on their job search, as well as offer training and skills assessment and development.  However, these locations also provide services to Businesses in cases where the services can not be easily accessed through NCWorks Online, or in cases where you want some guidance from staff at the local centers.  Following is a sample of services available through NCWorks Career Centers

  • Business Resource Room –Space for interviewing/conferences/job fairs/workshops or training.
  • Recruitment and Screening Assistance –While much of this can be done online, businesses can also obtain assistance with posting job listings, automated job matching, applicant recruitment, screening and referral.
  • Human Resource Information– Information on the Work Opportunity Tax Credit, unemployment insurance, labor law and compliance information.
  • Technical Assistance on Employment Issues– Licensing requirements, bonding, and labor certification.
  • Rapid Response Services– Assistance with downsizings and/or closing.
  • Education and Training Brokering– Staff help businesses identify and connect with appropriate education and training sources to assist with your workforce development needs.  Consumer reports on effectiveness of specific providers are also available for employers.


Visit NCWorks Online

Businesses now have at their fingertips a powerful system to post jobs using the Job Order System. Use the Candidate Search feature to find and review the resumes of candidates that have the qualifications you need.  This is a robust recruiting and screening tool created to seamlessly connect talent to jobs in North Carolina.  Additionally, employers can access labor market data aimed at helping you understand the trends within the job market specific to your industry and locale.


Labor Market Info

As part of our services to Businesses we provide labor market analysis as well as economic forecasting.  You can find a multitude of information including Wage and Salary data posted on our site and statewide sites that we are linked to.  Remember that our Business Services staff are available to help you analyze and interpret statistics to make sure your organization is benefitting from the depth of data available.