The mission of the Gaston Works WDB Youth Council is to empower youth to maximize their potential to succeed as students, employees, and citizens by establishing connections as we build a comprehensive service delivery system.

The Gaston Works Workforce Development Board has created a Youth Council as an arm of the WDB. The Youth Council is composed of a cross-section of representatives who have knowledge, experience, and expertise with the youth population and youth services in the region from both the public and private sector. Through the Youth Council, the Gaston Works WDB serves as the vehicle to develop comprehensive and integrated strategies to help in-school and out-of-school youth prepare for successful entry into the workforce.

Youth Council members represent a cross-section of our communities from both the public and private sectors including: education, community based organizations, the NC Department Of Labor Apprenticeship Program, social services, industry, Vocational Rehabilitation, law enforcement, juvenile justice, the business community, and youth services.