Gaston Workforce Development Program




Be part of the many employers who have taken advantage of the wealth of skills offered by the graduates of the WIA training program.  These potential employees bring their academic, vocational and technical achievements and abilities to prospective employers.  Employers are encouraged to use this resource to enhance their company staff.

If you are presently looking for a new employee or are interested in hiring in the near future, please fill out and submit the on-line Job Availability Form (link below).  The form can also be printed, completed and faxed to: Linda G. Miller, Job Developer, WIA Program at fax number (704) 862-7939.

Please contact Linda with any questions you may have at (704) 862-6696.   Linda can also be reached by email at



Qualified Candidates Available

WIA job candidates are trained and ready to go to work having:

  • Successfully completed training possessing a certificate, diploma or degree in their field of study.
  • Qualified, job ready and would be an asset to the company for which they represent.
  • Pre-screened as to qualification.
  • Matched up to meet your particular job specifications.


Candidates Are To Your Advantage

There are several advantages for making WIA candidates your chosen resource pool.  Some of the benefits in choosing WIA candidates are:

  • A qualified and trained employee who is committed to job excellence.
  • The support of the WIA Program and skilled workers resource pool.
  • The opportunity to join a team of satisfied employers who have a successful track record hiring and employing WIA applicants.
  • And, the satisfaction of helping someone achieve their goals.


Job Availability Form